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Through the U.S. Department of Energy's Technologist in Residence program, Brookhaven and Northrop Grumman researchers will work together toward increasing collaborations that deliver impactful research. Donald DiMarzio (second from left) of Northrop Grumman has been selected as the Technologist in Residence. DiMarzio will partner with CFN principal investigator and group leader Oleg Gang (center), CFN staff scientists Mircea Cotlet (left) and Jerzy (Jurek) Sadowski (right), and CFN Assistant Director for Strategic Partnerships Priscilla Antunez. Read the full story.

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Awards and Honors

Service Awards

  • 10-Year Service Award: Xiao Tong, Staff Scientist, Interface Science and Catalysis
  • 10-Year Service Award: Yugang Zhang, Staff Scientist, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials
  • 5-Year Service Award: Sooyeon Hwang, Staff Scientist, Electron Microscopy

Comings and Goings

New Hires

  • Lucas Alameda, Research Associate, Interface Science and Catalysis
  • Talin Avanesian, Research Associate, Theory and Computation
  • Asim Khaniya, Research Associate, Interface Science and Catalysis
  • Zhu Liang, Research Associate, Theory and Computation
  • Shreetu Shrestha, Research Associate, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials

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