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Groundwater Protection Group - Groundwater Status Reports

The mission of the Laboratory’s Groundwater Protection Program is to protect and restore the aquifer system at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). The four key elements that make up the program are:

  • Pollution prevention – preventing the potential pollution of groundwater at the source.
  • Monitoring - monitoring the effectiveness of pollution-prevention efforts, as well as progress in restoring the quality of degraded groundwater.
  • Restoration - restoring groundwater quality that BNL has impacted.
  • Communication - communicating the findings and the results of the program to regulators and other stakeholders.

The BNL Groundwater Status Reports are comprehensive summaries of raw data collected during the calendar year. They provide an interpretive technical summary of data on the performance of BNL’s Groundwater Protection Program. These documents examine the performance of the groundwater protection program on a project-by-project basis.