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Changing or Resetting Passwords

The Account Management Office offers two methods of changing or resetting their BNL NT Domain passwords; a self-serve method or by calling the ITD Help Desk.

Self Serve Method for Windows Users

Users running a Windows client can change their own password from their workstation as long as their account has not expired. Users must adhere to all Brookhaven Lab password policies.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time on your keyboard
  2. A popup security window should appear
  3. Press the Change Password button
  4. Make sure your User Name is correct
  5. Make sure you select BNL as your domain
  6. Input your Old Password in the field provided
  7. Input your New Password in the field provided
  8. Confirm your New Password in the field provided
  9. Press the OK button
  10. Your password has been changed. Press the Cancel button on the pop up security window to go back to your desktop.