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Science DMZ

BNL Network Engineering has built a dedicated WAN-centric "Science DMZ" that can support high-bandwidth, data intensive global communications. In partnership with our service provider ESnet, this network service is available to support your networking requirements. This infrastructure can support 10gb, 40gb and 100gb network attachments. Some of the key features and capabilities of our “Science DMZ” are highlighted below:

  • A dedicated infrastructure that only supports data-intensive networking. The "Science DMZ" networking equipment is only shared among other data-intensive collaborations. Since the Science DMZ is physically attached to the BNL border routers, there is minimal interaction with the main BNL campus network.
  • Additionally, the "Science DMZ" is configured outside the BNL campus firewall. This architecture serves two important purposes: It separates the normal BNL campus traffic from the "Science DMZ" and prevents "Science DMZ" users from oversubscribing the perimeter firewall. The use of ACLs and other access controls are required on the "Science DMZ" networking devices and the end-stations to limit access and provide protection.
  • The "Science DMZ" features the use of ESnet CIDR addressing for both IPv4 and IPV6 protocols. This ensures that all traffic between BNL and your end-destination be transported from BNL over the ESnet infrastructure to the highest degree possible. This will maximize your available bandwidth.

science dmz

For additional information or questions, please contact BNL Network Engineering on (631) 344-5600 or email us at We look forward to assisting you on your next networking project.