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Microsoft 365 Federation with other Labs and Agencies

ITD has set up Federation with some of the other DOE laboratories and agencies.

Brookhaven Lab users are now able to invite users from outside our organization into our Teams channels using Guest Access.

  • Brookhaven Lab is set up for free/busy federation with the following domains:
    • It’s important to use the right domain (which may be different from the organization’s regular email domain) to reach external users in Chat/IM.
    • We are adding more labs/agencies/domains as we can coordinate with them.
  • The following organizations also have external guest access set up to work with us:
    • DOE
    • Jefferson Lab
    • Fermi Lab
    • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Note you may need to use a slightly different address to invite external users into our Microsoft Teams channels. Users from any other organization using Microsoft 365 can be invited into our organization as a guest user. If the user does not have an association with an existing Microsoft 365 subscription, they can create a free account to participate.

Brookhaven users can invite anyone with an email address into an MS Teams meeting and the invitee can attend via their Teams desktop client, or via the web portal.

Brookhaven has “federated” free/busy calendar information with a few other labs, which means we can see their availability for scheduling purposes, and they are able to see our free/busy calendar information.

Chat/IM is also available for any outside organization that allows it. Brookhaven is able to accommodate this feature – anyone can start a chat/IM with a Brookhaven Lab user, if the other side allows us.

Here’s a nine-minute video that explains all the steps Brookhaven Lab users need to take to enable Federation.

Brookhaven Lab users can be invited to any other organization using Microsoft 365, so long as the other organization is set to whitelist our domain, or are set open. The video also shows how that process works.

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