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Linux Users: How to Manage Your Email

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There are no native apps available for Linux. However, Linux users have two optional methods to manage their email.

Access the Microsoft 365 Web Portal

Users can access all the Microsoft 365 portal applications without installing any software by using their web browser to visit Sign in with your account credentials when prompted. You may be redirected to the Lab’s “single sign-on” page. This redirection is normal and is not a phishing attempt. Log in with your Brookhaven Lab domain credentials (username and password) when prompted. If this is your first time logging in with a particular computer or web browser, you will need to authenticate with DUO.

Use Owl for Exchange

Owl for Exchange, is a Thunderbird add-on (plugin) software that allows the Mozilla Thunderbird email client (version 60.5 or newer) to connect to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online to receive and send emails. Note, ITD has secured licenses for this plugin and it will be provided to you at no cost.

 How to Install Owl for Exchange

  • Start Thunderbird 60.5 or newer.
  • Open Thunderbird menu (hamburger).
  • Add-ons > Add-ons.
  • Select "Extensions" on left
  • Search for "Owl" using the "Find more extensions" search bar.
  • Look for "Owl for Exchange," and click "Add to Thunderbird."
  • Click "Add" to give Owl permission. Click "OK" and close Add-ons tab.
  • Click "Preferences" for Owl for Exchange.
  • Under "Mail account management," Add new account manually...
  • Complete new exchange account form
  • Click "Create account."
  • If you do not see your license information, look for an "Update License" button to update the license. Then close the "Add-ons Manager" tab.

The Lab automatically moves your email that is two years old or older into your unlimited, online archive. Watch this short video from QuickHelp on how to use your Online Archive.

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