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Workshop on the Effect of Synchrotron Radiation in the Very Large Hadron Collider (VLHC)

September 18 - 20, 2000

The workshop was intended to be an initial investigation into the advantages and drawbacks of synchrotron radiation in a high field VLHC. We identified and clarified future topics for further investigation.

Synchrotron radiation damping at very high proton beam energies can result in hitherto unobtainable beam densities which may prove beneficial in achieving machine performance goals. Radiated power will inevitably complicate the beam tube environment. Is there an appropriate balance at these energies?

The workshop was one in a series looking at topics of potential interest to a next generation hadron machine organized by the VLHC Steering Committee. There was three working groups:

  • Group 1 – Round/Flat Beams
    Dick Talman (group leader) Cornell, Steve Peggs BNL, Jim Murphy BNL, John Johnstone FNAL
  • Group 2 – Electron Cloud & Vacuum Effects
    Miguel Furman (group leader) LBL, Dejan Trbojevic BNL, Mauro Pivi LBL, Oswald Grobner CERN, Kathy Harkay ANL, Peter Limon FNAL
  • Group 3 – Damping Dynamics
    Alex Chao (group leader) SLAC, Jie Wei BNL, Tanaji Sen FNAL, Brett Parker BNL