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Instrument 1: Spectra-Tech Irus FTIR Microscope

  • Frequency Range: 25 - 6000 cm-1
  • Resolution: 8 cm-1
  • Brightness (compared to a black body): 1000X
  • Spot Size: diffraction limited
  • Total Angular Acceptance: (mradians): 90H x 90V

Optical Configuration

Mirror System - Dipole bending magnet synchrotron source produces *continuum* spectral output. Approximately 75% of light is linearly polarized. Light is collected by mirror system using 90 mr by 90 mr extraction through 11mm diameter diamond window at f/11. Polarization is rotated 90 degrees (predominantly vertical polarization) through FTIR spectrometer.

Experimental Apparatus - Standard sample mapping stage. Oxford MicroStat available only for users with specific cryogenic experience (no support or detailed training provided by NSLS).

Computer System Hardware and Software

Omnic running under Windows XP.  Network/internet accessible.