General Lab Information

On-site Housing Procedures, Policies & Responsibilities


Brookhaven National Laboratory housing is for the temporary accommodation of personnel appointed to participate in Laboratory programs and not for the long-term or recurrent short-term use by regular employees. Assignments of housing are limited to the periods indicated below and are subject to the availability of appropriate accommodations.

The following specify the conditions of assignment of Laboratory housing. Requests for extensions beyond the periods stated below must be made in writing by the Department Chair or Division Manager to the Guest Services Housing Supervisor. Extension requests beyond two years must first be approved by the Deputy Director for Science and Technology.

  • Newly appointed scientific and professional staff members and Research Associates with accompanying family members may be furnished with family accommodations for up to three months from the date of arrival to begin work.
  • Single individuals in the above categories, on arrival to begin work, may be furnished with dormitory accommodations for up to one year, or efficiency apartments for up to three months.
  • Visiting Scientists, Collaborators and Guests may be furnished with on-site accommodations. Accommodations provided will be as described in A or B above for up to one year, subject to the Department Chair's approval.
  • Collaborators and Guests who visit the Laboratory intermittently may be furnished with a dormitory room. Other types of accommodations may be assigned to those in these categories when accompanied by their families, with the approval of the Department Chair required if the period of residence is a month or more.
  • Junior Research Associates may be furnished on-site accommodations for the term of appointment, subject to the Department Chair's approval and not to exceed two years. The type of accommodations will be described in A or B above.
  • Student Collaborators may be furnished with dormitory accommodations for the term of appointment.
  • Personnel assigned on-call duties by a Department Chair may be furnished with on-site accommodations for the duration of their on-call status.
  • Facility User Teams, which include senior staff, students and technicians designated by, and approved for on-site housing by a Department Chair, may be assigned family-type accommodations up to two years in accordance with the BNL regulations for On-site Team Housing-Designated User Facilities. Any requests for extensions beyond two years must be approved by the Deputy Director for Science and Technology.
  • Trustees, visiting committee members, speakers consultants, conference attendees and others temporarily at the site for an activity related to BNL, BSA or DOE may be furnished with on-site accommodations in the Guest House, family units, or dormitories as available in that order.
  • On a space available basis, with department approval, housing may be assigned to employees having an urgent, short-term requirement for temporary accommodations. Assignments are based upon occupancy demands and approved by the Housing Supervisor. Accommodations cannot be requested during the months of June, July and August.
  • Use of the Brookhaven Energy House is assigned by the Laboratory Director.
  • Units should be left in a clean and neat condition, ready for next tenant's occupancy. If the unit is not left in this condition, a cleaning fee of $200 will be applied. Also tenants will be liable for the repairs of any damages to the unit, furnishings, or appliances.
  • Take extra care when cooking! See photo

Cancellation Policy

  • Short-term reservations (1-14 days) must be cancelled no later than 6:00 pm the day of arrival to avoid a one night's no-show. No-shows will not be held, and will automatically be cancelled the following day.
  • Long term reservations (15 days or more) require changes to be made two week's prior to the arrival/departure date. Cancellations or major changes which affect long-term reservations that are not communicated within this time period will result in a $500 charge.
  • All change requests must now be made by e-mail to

Those holding conferences on-site must have their attendee’s housing manifest to the Housing Office fourteen days prior to the start of the conference. After that time, rooms will be released and attendees will be provided housing on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to limited space in the dormitories and apartments, only Guest House rooms can be provided for conferences during June, July, and August.


Tenants are responsible for:

  • Payment upon check-in.
  • Maintaining decent standards while renting accommodations.

The Office of Educational Programs is responsible for:

  • Supplying Guest Services with the pertinent information on the housing requirements of Student Collaborators, semester students, professors and counselors.

Guest Services is responsible for:

  • Management and administration of all assigned housing units; formal Housing Agreements are required when tenancy is for thirty days or longer.

The Deputy Director for Science & Technology is responsible for:

  • Approving extensions beyond procedure.

The Office of Scientific Personnel is responsible for:

  • Supplying Guest Services with the pertinent information concerning the housing requirements of new scientific appointees.