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J-PARC Correctors

Magnet Construction

The final turn of the J-PARC extracted proton beam is a superconducting combined function magnet line. The combined function magnets are dipole cable magnets, typical of cold mass collared magnets, but have been designed to include a large component of quadrupole field. This provides both bending and focussing of the proton beam prior to target impact, where neutrinos will be produced.

The BNL Superconducting Magnet Division is using its direct wind facility to produce superconducting corrector magnets to be used in conjunction with the combined function magnets.

combined function magnet

The first direct wind magnet set designed and fabricated is a combined function magnet with an additional skew dipole. This magnet is intended to be used within the cable collared combined function dipole used for the extraction line. By design, the combined function corrector is magnetically orthogonal to the main magnet, preventing large induced voltages within the corrector when the main magnet quenches. This corrector is complete, and is currently included within the first full length test magnet at KEK.

interconnect corrector magnet

The second corrector style contains both a dipole and a skew dipole. These coil sets are being made using the single wire conductor. These interconnect corrector magnets are to be located between the main combined function magnets. Four of these units will be fabricated, the prototype coilset is being wound.