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Linear Collider Final Focus Magnet Construction

The final focus magnets for the International Linear Collider require very small quadrupoles be placed within the detector background field for both the entrance and exit beams. The use of superconducting magnets for this function provide solutions to several problems confronting the machine designers.

One constraint is the operation within the 3 tesla detector field. The direct wind magnets are capable of operation without the use of magnetic materials in their construction, making them ideal for compact focussing solutions within detectors.

The second constraint is the small physical size dictated by the crossing angle of the beams and proximity to the IR within the detector solenoid. The Direct Wind design does not require a collar to withstand Lorentz forces, making the overall size of the magnets far smaller, and eliminates the lead time associated with high quality stainless tooling.

A Direct Wind quad magnet which meets both field quality and strength has been fabricated and tested at the Superconducting Magnet Division, and was reported upon at Snowmass 2005.

Progress to date with the direct wind technique is separated into five categories:

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