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Food Support for Meetings/Events

All food services at Brookhaven National Laboratory are closed and not available at this time.

Vending services will still be available.

Conference Services is pleased to support BSA funded food and beverages orders for on-site events. These events will be jointly arranged by the customer and Conference Services, with payment charged to your BSA account. A list of event attendees is required for submission.

Deliveries for individuals i.e. personal lunches. will not be supported through this process.

The following steps defines the scope of the full process

  1. Customer reserves space for in-house events and contacts Conference Services (CS) at 631-344-3545 for on-site delivery support, if they choose to.
  2. CS collects event details from the customer.
  3. CS provides customer with menus/options.
  4. Customer contacts CS with their menu selection.
  5. CS completes Food Delivery Request Form and sends to the customer, with the total cost, for approval.
  6. Once approved, CS places the order with the vendor, makes the payment, and provides written confirmation to customer.

(1) All orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event. Order changes/cancellations will be unavailable after that time.
(2) CS is the sole point of contact with the vendor.
(3) Vendor delivers items directly to the event. If there are discrepancies, contact CS.


Multiple vendors are available to meet the many needs of our organization. The vendors listed below have provided reliable service to the lab in the past. Menus from these local companies will be available from Conference Services. Customers can choose menu items, verify the order and wait for delivery at their location. Forty-Eight hours' notice is required, and changes will be unavailable after that time.

Please contact Guest Services at (631) 344-3545 or email with any issues, comments, or suggestions.