General Lab Information

On-site Housing Rates

Effective March 1, 2023

Rates for Occupancy < 30-Days

Guest House*

US $124.00/day
Housekeeping service is provided on all working days.

*Alternatives to the Guest House - When family-type accommodations are assigned to temporary or transient personnel, Guest House rates as set forth above will apply. The total will not exceed one months' rent for a unit occupied for 30 days or less. When such assignment is necessary due to lack of adequate Guest House accommodations, housekeeping service is provided on working days; for reservations staying seven days or less.

Residence Houses

Curie House:
US $62.00/day
Cavendish House:
US $62.00/day
Compton House:
US $62.00/day

Housekeeping service for all residence houses are provided three times per week.

Rates for Occupancy > 30-Days


US $2,215.00/month
US $2,575.00/month
US $2,987.00/month
US $3,193.00/month

Efficiency Units

1-Room Unit:
US $1,932.00/month
2-Room Unit:
US $2,060.00/month
  • A month is measured from date-to-date. Months will be either 30, 31, or 28 days, depending on the month.
  • Accommodations must be vacated and key surrendered by 1:00 p.m. (check-out time) in order to avoid additional daily charges.
  • Short-term reservations (1-14 days) must be cancelled no later than 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival to avoid a one night’s no-show. No-shows will not be held, and will automatically be cancelled the following day.
  • Long-term reservations (15 days or more) require changes to be made, via e-mail, two weeks prior to the arrival/departure date. Cancellations or major changes which affect long-term reservations that are not communicated within this time period will result in a $500 charge.