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Scientists Propose "Pumpjack" Mechanism for Splitting and Copying DNA

High-resolution structural details of cells’ DNA-replicating proteins offer new insight into how these molecular machines function.  More...

Our Mission

We advance fundamental research in nuclear and particle physics to gain a deeper understanding of matter, energy, space, and time; apply photon sciences and nanomaterials research to energy challenges of critical importance to the nation; and perform cross-disciplinary research on climate change, sustainable energy, and Earth’s ecosystems.  

  1. FEB



    RIKEN BNL Research Center Workshop

    Emerging Spin and Transverse Momentum Effects in pp and p+A Collision

    February 8-10, 2016

  2. APR



    RIKEN BNL Research Center Workshop

    High pT Physics in the RHIC-LHC Era

    April 12-15, 2016

  3. APR



    Tools for the Smart Grid: BNL/ISGAN Workshop on Modeling, Simulation and More

    April 14-15, 2016

  4. MAY



    Cross-correlation Spectacular with LSST: Exploring Synergies Between LSST and External Datasets to Discover Fundamental Physics

    May 22-25, 2016

  5. OCT



    Dark Interactions: Perspectives from Theory and Experiment

    October 4-7, 2016

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