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Brookhaven National Laboratory: Historic Site

The American Physical Society (APS) honored Brookhaven National Laboratory as a historic site in the advancement of the field of physics on Friday, September 23. This was the first time an entire national laboratory has received this prestigious recognition. Physics research has been a significant focus at Brookhaven Lab since its inception in 1947, and Lab breakthroughs in physics research have led to advances in many other areas of science.

Celebrations at BNL

A walking tour was held on October 3 to celebrate the APS’ recognition of BNL as a historic site. See photos and listen to the Lab’s first-ever audio tour.

Videos from the award ceremony that was held on September 23 are available.

The Cosmotron

The Cosmotron

The first accelerator in the world to send particles to energies in the billion-electron-volt, or GeV, region, the Cosmotron reached its full design energy of 3.3 GeV in 1953. The machine was in use until 1968.