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Today’s walking tour celebrates the American Physical Society’s recognition of Brookhaven National Laboratory as a historic site in the advancement of the field of physics. The APS has only recognized about 20 others since it began honoring sites of historic significance in 2004, and this is the first time an entire national laboratory has received this prestigious recognition.

Physics is a science that deals with matter and energy, and how they interact. As you learn about the physics discoveries made here at Brookhaven, consider the boundless efforts of those who pursued these exciting adventures to explore the unknown — from particles that danced undetected for billions of years following the Big Bang to the forces and structures that determine the properties of matter. Also consider the advances in other fields of science that sprang from basic research in physics: lives that have been saved thanks to new medical diagnostic tools and treatments, and solutions that will power our response to the energy challenges we face today.

This tour is approximately a mile-and-a-half long and there are 10 stops. It will begin outside Berkner Hall, loop around to Renaissance Road, and conclude in the lobby of Berkner.

The first stop is north of Berkner just across Cornell Avenue. Start heading that way once it’s safe to cross and enjoy the tour!