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The Ceremony

A ceremony was held in Berkner Hall on September 23, when the American Physical Society (APS) honored Brookhaven National Laboratory as a historic site in the advancement of the field of physics. APS President Barry Barish presented a plaque to commemorate the honor, and several speakers — including Laboratory Director Sam Aronson — recapped Brookhaven’s longstanding contributions to advancing the field of physics and highlighted its plans for the future.

Videos of each of the ceremony's speakers are included below.

Sam Aronson

Our Past is Prelude to Our Future

Connecting the Laboratory’s expertise and research of its past to the expertise and research of its future, Lab Director Sam Aronson focuses on the Laboratory’s work in nuclear and particle physics, condensed matter physics, life sciences, environmental sciences, and the chain of activities from discovery to deployment.

Bob Crease

The Birth of a Science Giant

Bob Crease, BNL Historian and Stony Brook University Philosophy Department Chair, highlights some of the important people, facilities, and scientific developments in the evolution of Laboratory during its six-decade+ history.

Nick Samios

At the Frontiers of Physics

Nick Samios, Director of the RIKEN BNL Research Center and former Brookhaven Laboratory Director, discusses physics discoveries and contributions resulting from work done through the Laboratory’s facilities and major programs.

Martin Blume

Seeing the Light

BNL Senior Physicist Emeritus, former APS Editor-in-Chief, and former BNL Deputy Director Martin Blume tells the story of Brookhaven scientists Renate Chasman and Kenneth Green who developed the Chasman-Green Lattice, a critical component for BNL’s National Synchrotron Light Source, other light sources around the world, and the future NSLS-II.

Barry Barish

APS Historic Site Award

Barry Barish, American Physical Society President, speaks at the ceremony at which the APS honored Brookhaven National Laboratory as a historic site in the advancement of the field of physics.