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Steps to Conduct Research at the Tandem

All guests must address the following items prior to coming to BNL to perform research at the Tandem.

Review Tandem's Capabilities

Review the informaiton (below) to ensure that the Tandem can meet your research needs.

Many other ions can be produced if required. We have to know, in advance, what ions and LETs you plan to use. In addition to the maximum energies, ranges and corresponding LETs listed below, lower energies are available for each ion. Charts for range and LET values as a function of energy can be seen by clickingon the links in the LET columns.

Flux can be in the range of 1 particle/cm2/sec
to greater than 1 · 106 particles/cm2/sec.
In Silicon
High LET Summary
Low LET Summary
In GaAs
High LET Summary
Low LET Summary
How To Use The Charts Below
  Mass Max
Range Surface
Z Symbol AMU MeV MeV
Microns MeV
1 1H 1.0079 28.75 28.52 0.0153 4550 0.0118 2610
2 4He 6.0029 43.2 10.80 0.131 815.0 0.098 491
3 7Li 7.0160 57.2 8.15 0.369 390 0.273 240
5 11B 11.0093 85.5 7.77 1.08 206.13 0.754 132.55
6 12C 12.0000 99.6 8.30 1.46 180.43 1.03 115.82
8 16O 15.9994 128 8.00 2.61 137.78 1.83 88.9
9 19F 18.9954 142 7.48 3.51 118.88 2.45 77.12
12 24Mg 23.9927 161 6.71 6.01 84.16 4.17 55.13
14 28Si 28.0855 187 6.66 7.81 77.16 5.42 50.66
17 35Cl 34.9688 212 6.06 11.5 64.41 7.93 42.71
20 40Ca 39.9753 221 5.53 15.8 51.89 10.9 34.7
22 48Ti 47.9479 232 4.84 19.6 47.8 13.4 32.36
24 52Cr 51.9405 245 4.72 22.3 45.86 15.3 31.06
26 56Fe 55.9349 259 4.63 25.1 44.24 17.2 30.09
28 58Ni 57.9353 270 4.66 27.9 44.56 19.1 30.47
29 63Cu 62.9296 277 4.40 30.1 42.06 20.6 28.79
32 72Ge 71.9221 273 3.80 35.9 37.94 24.4 26.25
35 81Br 80.9163 287 3.55 41.3 37.50 28.0 26.11
41 93Nb 92.9060 300 3.23 47.5 36.32 32.1 25.4
47 107Ag 106.9051 313 2.93 59.2 32.48 39.9 22.89
53 127I 126.9045 322 2.54 66.9 32.54 45.0 23.17
79 197Au 196.9665 337 1.71 84.6 29.21 56.2 21.18

Check Tandem's Availability

Check the schedule to ensure that beam time is available when you plan on using the Tandem.

Request Beam Time

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Submit Guest Registration

Individuals who do not hold a valid BNL ID who plan to come to Brookhaven are required to register in BNL's Guest Registration System (GIS) a minimum of 10 days in advance of their visit.

Pay close attention to the e-mail instructions you will receive after you register and after you submit the BNL arrival notification (separate step, below).

If you have an expired BNL ID, then email the Guest, User, Visitor Center, or call (631) 344-3333, to determine what is required to reactivate it.

Under certain circumstances, approvals can take from 30 to 90 days to obtain, so be sure to allow enough time to obtain the required approvals.

Establish or Verify Agreement With BNL to Cover Research

If you are conducting research at one of BNL's user facilities, a user agreement signed by your home institution is a prerequisite for experimental work. Guests are not permitted to do experimental work at any of Brookhaven's User Facilities until a User Agreement with your home institution is established.

To work at the Tandem you must have either a proprietary agreement, open data agreement, or both in place to cover your research.

How to Request a User Agreement

If your institution does not appear in this list,, then complete the User Agreement Questionnaire, which is the first step toward putting a master user agreement in place. Fill in the requested information and Brookhaven will furnish the appropriate User Agreement(s) to your institution for signature. This form may be submitted electronically by completing the questionnaire below and clicking the submit button or by printing and returning via fax to 631-344-8686. Printable Version

Address any questions to:

Amanda Satterley
Guest, User, Visitor Center
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY 11973-5000
Phone: (631) 344-5076 | Fax: (631) 344-8686 | Email:

Arrange for Payment

Hourly Beam Rates and Contract/Advance Payment Procedures

Tandem Beam Rate Per Hour (Effective January 1, 2024)
DOE and DOE National Laboratory Users: $2,390.41
FCR Exempt Entities (Non-DOE w/ S&S)
(includes Domestic Small Business, Educational, and
Non-Profit Organization)
Non-DOE Users (w/ S&S & FCR)
(Most Users fall into this category)
Non-DOE Users (w/ S&S; FCR & FIE) - DoD $2,662.40

*Beam Rates are typically effective for the calendar year; however, all rates are subject to change.

Contract & Payment Procedures

Non-Federal Users, including universities and industry, require a Strategic Partnership Project (SPP) agreement with BNL, along with FULL PAYMENT OF EACH RUN MUST BE IN-HOUSE PRIOR TO THE RP & DOE DUE DATE TO BE SCHEDULED AFTER THE DOE CONTRACT MODIFICATION APPROVAL DATE (Approximately the 20th of each month). Note that processing time for an SPP agreement may take up to 60-90 days for domestic entities (90 days or more for foreign entities). As such, we encourage you to start the process early!

Federal Users, including DOE, other DOE Laboratories and Federal Agencies, require an interagency purchase request (IPR) for the full amount of beam hours to be provided. Your IPR should be provided at least 30 days in advance of your planned beam time.

All users require a Statement of Work (SOW) in order to start the process. Please coordinate the SOW with your Administrative contact named below.

For Example: If planning to run in February 2024, all agreements must fully executed, and funding must be in- h ouse before the January 11 due date for the run to be scheduled. Any run scheduled in a month, must be approved by DOE the prior month.

Month Due date to RP & DOE CSC Day
Jan-24 1/11/2024 Thu
Feb-24 2/12/2024 Mon
Mar-24 3/12/2024 Tue
Apr-24 4/11/2024 Thu
May-24 5/10/2024 Fri
Jun-24 6/12/2024 Wed
Jul-24 7/12/2024 Fri
Aug-24 8/14/2024 Wed
Sep-24 9/9/2024 Mon
Oct-24 10/15/2024 Tue
Nov-24 11/11/2024 Mon
Dec-24 12/10/2024 Tue

Note that any unused funding will be returned to the user upon completion of the project.

Questions regarding accounts should be directed to:

Sarah Cormier
Collider-Accelerator Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory
35 Lawrence Drive, Bldg. 911B
Upton, NY 11973-5000
Phone: (631) 344-5403 | Email:

Submit BNL Arrival Notification

To access the BNL site, all guests must notify Brookhaven of their actual arrival date by completing the Arrival Notification Form on the Guest Central website. If you fail to do this, then access to the Brookhaven site could be declined or you may be delayed at the front gate.

Arrange for Houseing

You may wish to arrange for on- or off-site housing accomodations for your visit.

Complete Required Training

The following training courses are required prior to using the Tandem:

A valid BNL guest number is needed for training. If you have a valid BNL guest number, you may check your training status.

Prepare for Arrival at BNL

You must bring identification with you: Identification Requirements

Figure out how to get here: Maps & Directions to Brookhaven Lab

If you are staying on site, then you should pick up your room key upon arrival. The Housing Office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to midnight; Sunday, from 4 p.m. to midnight. If you are arriving or departing at other times, then you may pick up or drop off keys at Police Headquarters. Checkout time is 1 p.m. Before leaving, return your keys to the Housing Office and pay your housing bill.

All guests and users are provided with check-in procedures by e-mail when they submit a registration form to come to BNL. Guests can check their appointment and training status and what BNL identification documents are on file by visiting Guest Central.

All guests, users, and visitors must check-in at the Guest, User, Visitor Center, which is located in Building 400A prior to visiting their department and/or user facility. Check-in hours are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Guests should make every attempt to arrive during these hours.

All Tandem users must sign a Commitments and Expectations Statement and have a user agreement in place prior to conducting any research.