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High Resolution Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM)

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The analytical TEM (JEOL 2100F) is a versatile 120 – 200 kV scanning and transmission field-emission electron microscope for high-resolution analytical structural characterization. It is equipped with a thermal-assisted field-emission gun and two exchangeable objective-lens pole-pieces (an ultra high-resolution pole-piece with a 0.19 nm point-to-point resolution and a ±20° sample tilt, and a high-resolution pole-piece with a 0.23 nm point-to-point resolution and a ±40° sample tilt). The instrument is also equipped with an X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer and an electron energy-loss image filter for chemical analysis. It counts with special holders for heating, cooling (LN2), nanoscale manipulation and biasing for in-situ experiments and dynamic observations, including one of the few existing liquid helium TEM holders in the world, which achieves a lowest temperature of 12 K and an equilibrium base temperature of 20 K.

The JEOL 2100F is one of the true CFN workhorse instruments.  It has a high amount of operational time, a very large number of Users, and is very frequently used on nights and weekends. With its flexibility and strong analytical capability, the facility supports a wide variety of user projects and staff research.

Manufacturer: JEOL 2100F