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Electron Microscopy

electron microscopy image

(a) Interface structure resolved using Hitachi-STEM at 200kV. (b) Z-contrast image showing single U atoms. (c) Morphology of a nano-particle revealed by TEM 3D tomography technique. (d) High resolution TEM image taken using FEI-Titan at 300kV.

Knowledge of structure and chemistry at the atomic scale is crucial to modern materials science and nanotechnology. Advanced electron microscopy can provide the fundamental knowledge that will enables us not only to understand, but also to control the physical and chemical behavior of nanostructured materials. The electron microscopy facility at the CFN focuses on identifying nanoscale structure-property relationships of energy-related materials by employing state-of-the-art instruments. We emphasize technique development that will enhance our facility capabilities for user-based science as well as research projects that we lead to further the DOE’s energy mission.

Thanks to recent advances in electron optics—including aberration correction—a new generation of transmission electron microscopes have become available which are capable of image resolutions better than 0.1 nm and spectroscopic resolutions better than 0.4 eV. The instruments can accommodate special purpose sample stages that convert these microscopes into true experimental nanomaterials laboratories. As a result, we can conduct experiments that are crucial to the advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology, ranging from in-situ sample fabrication and structural characterization to property measurements, all in pursuit of answers to fundamental energy challenges.