General Lab Information

CFN Operations Safety Awareness (COSA) Training

All users at the CFN must complete the CFN Operations Safety Awareness (COSA) Training before they can access the facilities. COSA training is conducted in person by a designated trainer at the facility where the user will perform experiments. It is intended to provide the user with an awareness of the specific safety issues and important operational information specific to the facility. Training is valid for one year, unless there are significant changes to the experiment content and/or safety policies.

Completed COSA forms are collected by the User Administration Office. The forms are formal training records and will be later entered into the user's training database.

Once a user has completed COSA training, the User Administration Office will verify that all required training is complete, that the SAF has been approved, and, where applicable, that a user agreement is in place. It is only then the user will be given controlled access to the facility.

Each facility designates specific trainers to provide COSA training. COSA trainers must be trained by another designated trainer when possible. A designated COSA trainer should not self-train except under special circumstances.

Each facility may decide how to provide the COSA training to users, including those who begin experiments during off-hours. All users arriving after the start of the experiment will be expected to COSA training at the time of arrival.