General Lab Information

Using CFN Facilities: Arrival and Departure

Preparing for Arrival


Safety is essential aspect of all work done at the CFN. Appropriate training is required for all facility and equipment usage. All researchers are required to complete or update their training prior to using CFN facilities. This can be completed online and is strongly recommended as it saves considerable time during the check-in process. The training you are required to complete depends on the equipment you plan to use. Please check the training requirements list (PDF) for each piece of equipment you will be using.

CFN users who have been to BNL previously in any capacity DO NOT need to re-qualify training that remains current during your stay at BNL. You can check your training history online.

Certain combinations of incompatible computer hardware/software can interfere with users' ability to successfully complete the on-line training. There is some guidance available on the website. In some cases it may be necessary to complete some training modules on site at BNL.

NOTE: Each member of the experimental team who will be coming to BNL to work on an equipment is required to complete training. If you are not coming to BNL, speak to your Principal Investigator. If you are the Principal Investigator, please communicate these training requirements to the rest of your team.

Check-in at the Guest/User/Visitor Center

Users complete their check-in process at the Guest/User/Visitor Center in Building 400. They will be asked to present proper identification and, for foreign nationals, all valid immigration documents (visas, I-94, etc.) Review proper identification.

Facility Training

Users complete the CFN Operations Safety Awareness (COSA) training after checking in with the GUV Center, and upon arrival at the CFN. This training is facility specific and will be executed by the Designated COSA Trainer at each Facility. How to complete COSA training.

Concluding Your Stay

Material Transfer Agreement

The transfer of any materials synthesized at the CFN requires the execution of a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) between the user’s home institution and the Lab’s Office of Technology Commercialization and Partnerships. This must be completed before material is removed from BNL.

If a user is bringing in an established cell line (ATCC designation) and an MTA applies to this product, BNL is not responsible for material transfer under the terms of the MTA. The user enters into the MTA when purchasing that ATCC, and it is their responsibility to abide with the requirements and determine if the MTA conflicts with the CFN user agreement.

Complete End of Run Survey

As part of the annual DOE report, the CFN will ask users to take part in a User Satisfaction survey to provide feedback to the Office of Basic Energy Science (BES) and to improve user services and the CFN facilities. Users will be asked to fill in this form at the completion of their experiment.

Name and institution are not required but we do ask for your email address to allow us to contact you for clarification if needed and to inform you of a solution plan where applicable.

Copies of the result of this survey will be distributed to appropriate CFN staff so that they may be apprised of your concerns or compliments.

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