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Fluorescence Up-conversion Spectrometer

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This is a commercial fluorescence upconversion spectrometer (Halcyine, Ultrafast Systems) capable of  measuring upconversion spectra and decays with 100 femtosecond resolution in VIS in combination with a 1 KHz regenerative amplifier and two TOPAS OPAs.

Measures ultrafast emission processes in the visible and NIR (400 - 1600 nm) with a time resolution of ~ 100 fs in a time window of 0 - 3 ns. In the upconversion method, the emitted photons are mixed with an optical gate pulse in a nonlinear crystal optimized for sum frequency generation. We detect the intensity of the higher energy upconverted photons as a function of time delay between the excitation pulse and the gate pulse to map out the kinetics. Alternatively, spectral emission transients can be recorded at a fixed delay time. 

Manufacturer: Halcyone