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Miniflex X-Ray Diffractometer

Facility: Materials Synthesis and CharacterizationCategory: X-Ray and Light Scattering Full Catalog

The Rigaku Miniflex II XRD is a small footprint X-ray diffractometer suitable for the determination of crystallographic structure (composition) of powder samples. The Goniometer is of Bragg-Brentan geometry with 150 mm radius, and has a measurement range (2θ) of 2° – 145°. The X-ray source is a copper anode (λ Cu Kα = 1.5418 Å), I = 15 mA (fixed), U = 30 kV (fixed). Measurement speed from 0.01 to 100 °/min. The tool has an automatic sample changer for six samples.


Manufacturer: Rigaku Miniflex II