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XPEEM/LEEM Spectro-Microscopy Endstation

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The CFN XPEEM/LEEM facility at the Electron Spectro-Microscopy (ESM, 21-ID-2) beamline at NSLS-II has capabilities for full-field imaging at nanometer scale, as well as the micro-spot spectroscopy, including  uXPS, uXAS and uARPES. The beamline provides high-brightness beam with energy 15-1500 eV, and a full control of the polarization of the light, enabling magnetic domain imaging with XMCD and XMLD. In-situ material deposition and gas dosing are possible, and the sample temperature can be controlled from ~85K up to ~1800K.  The microscope is equipped with a new CMOS-based detector (TVIPS camera TemCam-XF416 UHV). The new detector offers large dynamic range, superior signal to noise ratio in comparison with the traditional MCP detector, and 4K x 4K pixel resolution that allows for significantly improved spatial resolution at lower magnifications.

Manufacturer: Elmitec XPEEM/LEEM