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Soft Matter Interfaces SAXS/WAXS beamline at NSLS-II

Facility: Advanced UV and X-ray ProbesCategory: X-Ray and Light Scattering Full Catalog

SMI is a powerful x-ray scattering beamline providing frontier structural measurement capabilities, operated through a partnership between CFN and NSLS-II. The SMI beamline provides world-leading capabilities to study the structure, energetics, and assembly of soft and hybrid materials, in particular focusing on the critical role of interfaces. SMI is a high-flux undulator-based beamline with excellent focusing and energy-tuning capabilities. SMI enables simultaneous measurement across a very wide q-range through the use of a novel three-detector setup (simultaneously GISAXS/GIMAXS/GIWAXS), allowing correlating between molecular and nanoscale properties. The tunable x-ray energy range (2.1 keV to 24 keV) enables unprecedented studies at resonant edges relevant to soft matter (P, S, K, Ca, etc.). The micro-focusing capabilities enable mapping of heterogeneous materials or assemblies, while hiigh-speed detectors enable studies of processing kinetics, and material interconversions.

Manufacturer: SMI (12-ID) beamline