General Lab Information

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Electronic Characterization Laboratory (1L35)

Probe station Status Primary contact Backup contact Booking calendar Booking rules Electronic login
(at tool)
Room temperature/general purpose Signatone CM-170 up Camino Nam FOM no yes no
PV characterization Rucker and Kolls up Nam Camino yes no yes yes
Cryogenic (4 K)/magnetic field LakeShore HFTTP4 up Camino Nam FOM no yes no
High temp (500 °C) MBE-Komponenten A0500 up Camino   FOM no yes no
Wedge bonder Kulicke & Soffa Model 4526 up Camino   FOM no yes no

booking calendar: yes = need to reserve tool time in calendar before using tool
booking rules: yes = specific rules exist for reserving tool time
electronic log-in (at tool): yes = need to log in (at tool) actual start and end time of tool usage
SOP = standard operating procedure (basic instructions)