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Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer

Facility: Advanced Optical Spectroscopy and MicroscopyCategory: Spectroscopic and Time-Resolved Probing Full Catalog

The CFN houses a commercial pump-probe broadband transient absorption/reflectivity spectrometer (Helios Fire, Ultrafast Systems) with approximately 100 fs time resolution in a time window of 0 - 7 ns. In this technique, the samples are optically "pumped" using a tunable (290 - 2600 nm) femtosecond laser pulse and "probed" for changes in transmission using a "white-light" laser generated supercontinuum. The system can be configured to record spectral transients in one of three operating modes: 320 - 700 nm, 450 - 820 nm, or 800 - 1600 nm. Sample holders for cuvettes and thin films are available, including a 4K LHe cryostat for transmission measurements. The instrument uses a SPITFIRE Spectra Physics regenerative amplifier and two TOPAS OPAs operating at 1 kHz repetition rate. 

Manufacturer: Helios