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Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectrometer

Facility: Advanced Optical Spectroscopy and MicroscopyCategory: Spectroscopic and Time-Resolved Probing Full Catalog

The CFN houses a commercial broadband transient absorption spectrometer (Helios, Ultrafast Systems) with approximately 100 fs time resolution in a time window of 0 - 3 ns. In this technique, the samples are optically "pumped" using a tunable (240 - 2600 nm) femtosecond laser pulse and "probed" for changes in transmission using a "white-light" laser generated supercontinuum. The system can be configured to record spectral transients in one of three operating modes: 350 - 700 nm, 450 - 820 nm, or 800 - 1600 nm. Sample holders for cuvettes and thin films are available.

Commercial absorption spectrometer capable to measure spectra and decays with 100 femtosecond resolution in VIS and NIR in combination with a 1 KHz regenerative amplifier and two TOPAS OPAs.

Manufacturer: Helios