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Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Spectrometer

Facility: Advanced Optical Spectroscopy and MicroscopyCategory: Spectroscopic and Time-Resolved Probing Full Catalog

Fluorescence/Phosphorescence Lifetime Spectrometer (Picoquant FT 200) for time-resolved PL probing in UV-VIS-NIR (450-800nm, 850-1450nm). Uses a Hamamatsu microchannel plate-PMT detector for UV-VIS (25 ps response) and a Hamamatsu InGaAs PMT for NIR (400-ps response). Uses 442nm and 532nm pulsed diodes with variable repetition rate (30kHZ-80MHz). Liquid N2 cryostat available. Polarization attachments. Capable of recording fluorescence decays, time-resolved anisotropy and time-resolved emission spectra. Data analysis software Fluofit Picoquant.

Manufacturer: Picoquant Fluotime FT200