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Ambient Pressure PES and IRRAS

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This instrument has two connected analysis chambers (AP-XPS and AP-IRRAS) that can be operated simultaneously. 

The lab-based AP-XPS part allows for surface chemical analysis via core-level (XPS) photoelectron spectroscopy at gas pressures up to ~ 2 mbar and sample temperatures from -180 °C to 1000 °C. This instrument is located at the CFN and has three photon sources: monochromated Al (1486.6 eV), and non-monochromated Mg (1253.6 eV), and Cr (5417 eV). Differential pumping allows for gas pressures in the mbar range at the sample while maintaining ultrahigh vacuum conditions in the analyzer.  Suitable sample types include single crystals, foils, and powders. 

Samples can be moved through the vacuum system to an infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS) chamber with a polarizer, where IR data can be collected under gas pressures ranging from UHV to ~20 mbar. Samples can be heated to 500 °C and cooled to -180 °C. A sample preparation chamber connects the XPS and IR chambers. Ar sputtering, cooling to -180 °C, heating to 900 °C, low gas dosing, and metal evaporation are available in the preparation chamber.

Manufacturer: Specs Analyzer & Bruker IR