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Fiji Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition System

Facility: Materials Synthesis and CharacterizationCategory: Deposition (Evaporators/Sputterers/Pecvd/Coaters) Full Catalog

This plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition systems (Veeco Fiji F200) is is a modular, high-vacuum ALD system that accommodates various deposition modes with a wide range of selection for precursors and plasma gases. It is equipped with a 300 W inductively coupled plasma source (13.56 MHz) for remote plasma generation. Up to six liquid phase precursor and six plasma gas precursor can be installed simultaneously. Currently, plasma gases of N2, O2, and Ar are installed. Low vapor pressure precursor delivery system is available for organometallic precursors of low vapor pressures. The deposition chamber can be heated up to 500C. A fully automated loadlock is installed for sample transfer in/out. It is equipped with a quartz crystal microbalance for in-situ monitoring of thin film growth rate and accumulated thickness. 

Manufacturer: Veeco Ultratech