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Automated liquid handling workbench

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The automated liquid handling is an interconnected cluster of robotic instrumentation, driven by a customized Tecan Fluent 1080, with the goal of automated sample synthesis and characterization. The workbench has three robotic arms, specifically an 8 channel Air Flexible Channel Arm for disposable tip handling, an 8 channel Liquid Flexible Channel Arm with fixed tips for up to 5 mL liquid handling (capable of positive pressure), and a robotic gripper arm with three finger options (eccentric, center, and tube grippers). Connected instrumentation includes:

-  Plate centrifuge – Hettich Rotanta 460 Robotic, Refrigerated, Max RCF: ~6,500

-  Tube centrifuge – Mikro 220 Robotic, air-cooling, Max RCF: ~18,500

-  TE-Chrom segment – batch elution or fraction collection. Suitable for applications such as bioprocessing, method development, condition screening, resin screening, step gradient elution, sample prep for mass spec,binding studies, sample concentration and PAT.

-  Tilting Carrier

-  Barcode readers for sample tracking

-  Coastal Genomics Lightbench — the ability to accomplish gel size selection, fragment analysis and solution-based fluorescence assays

-  Automated tube decapper

-  4 on-deck thermocyclers

-  2 thermoshakers—temperature control from 4oC to 70oC

-  Heating/cooling block – 4oC to 110oC

-  Vortexer

-  Vial gripper

-  Tecan Spark Plate reader

-  Not physically linked, but available for automated imaging: Cytation 5 imaging plate reader, possessing bright-field, fluorescence, and phase-contrast imaging alongside UV/Vis spectroscopy and fluorescence measurements.

Manufacturer: Tecan