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FEI Titan 80-300

» Electron Microscopy Facility

A dedicated Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope (E-TEM)

Contact: Dmitri Zakharov (primary)

This instrument is the first 80-300kV field-emission environmental transmission electron microscope to be installed in the US with an objective-lens aberration corrector. It has a spatial resolution of 0.08nm in the high-resolution phase contrast mode, and is capable of achieving this resolution at unusually high pressures due to the differential pumping apertures and custom pumping arrangement that is incorporated with the system. The maximum gas pressure for the environmental-cell is about 20mbar for N2, with other maximum pressures dependent on the atomic weight of the gas. As a result, this instrument is uniquely well-suited to imaging the fundamental mechanisms of catalysis and catalyzed nanostructure growth. The instrument has also scanning transmission imaging (STEM), magnetic imaging, and chemical analysis capabilities. It has a Lorentz lens and a bi-prism for imaging electrostatic and magnetic potentials or fields in materials. It is also equipped with an energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer and an electron energy-loss image filter spectrometer. A mass-flow controlled catalytic reaction system capable of providing controlled pressures of gas mixtures allows careful control over catalyzed reactions, as well as holders for provision of liquids, atmospheric pressure gases and controlled temperature excursions through MEMS-based heating elements. The system is fitted with a Gatan K2-IS — a first of it’s kind ‘direct electron detector’ dedicated to high frame rate / low dose imaging of reactions.


300 kV 300 kV E-TEM 80 kV 80 kV E-TEM
TEM Information Limit 80 pm < 120 pm 150 pm < 200 pm
TEM Point Resolution 80 pm < 140 pm 150 pm < 200 pm
Energy Resolution (EELS) 0.8 eV 0.8 eV 0.8 eV 0.8 eV
STEM Resolution 140 pm 200 pm <300 pm < 300 pm
Probe Current (1 nm) 0.6 nA 0.6 nA 0.6 nA 0.6 nA
Spherical Abberation < 1 um < 1 um < 1 um < 1 um

Sample Holders

Holder Alpha Beta Notes
Double tilt, low x-ray background ±40 deg ±30 deg Be sample cup
Single tilt tomography ±70 deg N/A
Single tilt heating (800 C max) ±40 deg N/A
Double tilt heating (800 C max) ±30 deg ±15 deg E-TEM compatible
Nanofactory STM single tilt ±30 deg N/A In-situ electrical probing, I/V curves, scanning probe imaging
Protochips Aduro double tilt heating ±30 deg ±15 deg E-TEM compatible, 1000 C max, 1000 deg/ms heating rate

DENS Solutions Tomography/Heating Holder

±70 deg


ETEM Compatible, 900C Max, 1000 deg/ms heating rate

Hummingbird Scientific Liquid Cell - Electrochemistry Holder

±30 deg


Capable of atmospheric pressure liquid provision

Photo of FEI Titan 80-300

Image of Titan microscope with noise-reducing covers installed.

Photo of FEI Titan 80-300

Image of the rear of the Titan microscope showing detail of the gas handling and injection system including mass spectrometer, valve systems, and ion pumps.