General Lab Information

Basic Rules Everyone Must Know

Work Planning

All work must be planned and reviewed for safety. Experimental Safety Reviews (ESRs), Safety Approval Forms (SAFs), and Work Permits are the documents used at the CFN. Make sure your project is reviewed and approved before you begin your work and that you follow all rules, regulations, and postings. Changes in procedures need to be approved before work commences.

  • All individuals performing work at BNL are required to obtain a guest or permanent appointment before beginning work. You must wear your badge/ID at all times.
  • Radioactive materials, chemicals, and equipment may not be brought into the Department without prior notification.
  • Shipping ANY sample from BNL needs to be done through the shipping desk located in B98. Any radioactive material must be evaluated by the Radiation Controls Division.
  • All safety training must be completed before the work that depends on that training begins.
  • Most of the required training courses are web-based and can be done off-site. It is located at

Additional Requirements

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for authorized users. Safety glasses and labcoats are required when working with chemicals. Long pants and closed toed shoes are required at all times in labs (shorts, sandals, and open-toed shoes are not permitted). Safety glasses (including prescription safety glasses with sideshields) and safety shoes are available on site.

You are NOT PERMITTED to perform any Electrical work above 50 VDC or VAC without additional training and PPE. Operating a circuit breaker requires proper PPE. YOU MUST BE ON THE AUTHORIZED USER LIST TO WORK ABOVE 50 VOLTS.

You are NOT PERMITTED to use Class 3B or Class 4 Lasers unless you get training and an eye exam before you use them. Authorized Users are posted at each lab where these are used. YOU MUST BE ON THE AUTHORIZED USER LIST TO OPERATE THE LASER.

General Safety & Security

Emergency Information Placards are placed outside each laboratory to inform you of the hazards in that lab. If you have any concerns contact your supervisor or ES&H Coordinator. All BNL computers on the network must be registered and meet ALL ITD guidelines (anti-virus, logon banner, auto-patching, screensaver, password, etc.) Non-BNL computers can only use the wireless network. The CFN has a policy for "Working After-Hours". Normal working hours are between 8AM to 6PM on weekdays.

Chemical Information

BNL maintains a site-wide chemical inventory in the BNL Chemical Management System (CMS). The CMS is your link to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) that are available for all materials used at the Laboratory. Learn to use the CMS as your first source of chemical information.

Incompatible Chemicals list.

Bldg Emergency / Fire Alarms

General building fire alarm – exit nearest door and proceed to outdoor assembly area – west parking lot by curved wall.

Temporal 3 alarm (distinct ring & message) – exit front (north) doors only and proceed to outdoor assembly area – west parking lot by curved wall.

Do Not Use Elevator