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Low-Temperature UHV Scanning Tunneling/Force Microscope

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Customized Createc low-temperature UHV scanning tunneling and atomic force microscope (NC-AFM/STM) nominally operating at 5K (within a liquid helium bath cryostat shielded environment); high-resolution microscopy, ultrastable tunneling spectroscopy, force imaging and mapping in various operation modes, single atom and molecule manipulation. Sample preparation chamber equipped with liquid helium cooled manipulator and low-energy electron diffraction. Fast exchange deposition source port, various gas and molecule dosing options "in-situ" at low temperature.

Max scan range/limits:

Please be aware this machine is only suitable for very high resolution and provide ultra stable condition. A typical maximum scan range is of the order of 200nm x 200nm. Sample size: hat shaped, 6mm top and 8mm base diameter. Coarse range about is +/-2mm from center.

Z-Coarse range is 100um.

Requires custom original Createc STM type metal sample holder (large).


A at 5K conductive sample. Ultra clean surface preparation is required. A ready to use set of single crystal metal samples (Cu111, Cu110, Cu100, Au111) can be provided for molecule imaging and other experiments after coordination and compatibility/safety checks and agreements. Due to sample geometry and coarse motion limitation and other special requirements not all samples can be accepted. Please contact us and discuss your needs before applying for system time.


Manufacturer: Createc