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Time and Spectrally Resolved Confocal Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Microscope

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Olympus IX81 inverted microscope with objective scanning stage, various high NA objective lenses, Si-based single photon counting detectors (400-1100nm range) and InGaAs photon counting detector (900nm-1650nm) for time-resolved PL imaging and probing, including single photon source characterization. Uses an Acton SP2750-Pixis100 spectrograph/CCD system for micro-PL spectroscopy (400-1100nm range). Equipped with a micro-cryostat for low temperature (4.5K) imaging.  Available laser excitations are pulsed 442nm, 532nm at various repetition rates. For time and spectrally resolved electroluminescence measurements,  a 600 ps impulse current generator is used.

Manufacturer: Olympus IX81