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FEI Talos F200X is a high-resolution analytical scanning/ transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) that is routinely operated at 200 keV. This microscope is equipped with an X-FEG electron source module that gives a source brightness four times that of a Schottky FEG emitter. This high source brightness enables near diffraction limited imaging and dramatically improves the spectroscopic performance. In addition to the extra-bright gun, it combines outstanding high-resolution scanning/transmission electron microscope and TEM imaging with a four-quadrant 0.9-sr energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) for elemental and compositional mapping. Talos F200X allows for the fastest and most precise EDS analysis in all dimensions, along with the best HRTEM imaging with fast navigation for in situ microscopy. The instrument is custom designed to have an objective-area pressure interlock and differential pumping capabilities close to the gun to protect the field emitter from any gas leakage event. Due to this protection feature, gas and liquid Operando holders can be readily used in this system to study catalysts’ responses to gas environments, nanostructure nucleation and growth, etc.

Manufacturer: FEI TALOS F200X