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JEOL JEM-1400 Transmission Electron Microscope

» Electron Microscopy Facility

Contact: Kim Kisslinger

New software included with the JEM 1400 TEM provides a complete set of tutorials and user guides to help the beginning microscopist familiarize themselves with the instrument, but also allow the more experienced user to explore and utilize more advanced features.

  TEM Mode STEM Mode
Lattice Image 0.20 nm -
Point Image 0.38 nm -
Accelerating Voltage
Steps (5) 40 - 120 kV  
Variable Steps 30 V min, step  
Mag Mode x200 - x1,200,00 x5000 - x2,000,000
Low Mag Mode x50 - x1000 x120 - x4000
SA Mag Mode x2000 - x300,000 -
Specimen Chamber
Specimen Tilt Angle (x-axis) +/-25 deg +/-25 deg
  (+/-70 deg w/optional holder) (+/-70 deg w/optional holder)