General Lab Information

Experimental Safety Committee

The CFN Experimental Safety Committee will consist of the members listed below. Additional SME's from the lab support divisions will be added as needed.

  • Wai-Lin Ng (Experimental Review Coordinator)
  • Lorraine Davis
  • Ryan McFadden (SHSD)
  • Rotating CFN Staff

The function of the Experimental Safety Committee is to review Experimental Safety Reviews (ESRs) for the department. Also address any other ESH concerns for the department.


The Experimental Review Coordinator will notify a PI approximately 1 month prior to the review date of their annual Experimental Safety Review.

All Experimental Safety Reviews will have to be submitted in electronic form. This is in keeping with the SBMS subject area as well as for documentation purposes in department records.

The committee will schedule a meeting with the PI to review their Experimental Safety Review Form. If members are unable to attend, they may submit their comments prior to the meeting date. During the meeting any need for changes will be discussed. The PI is responsible for incorporating the changes in their document.

The ERC will recommend who will do the walkthrough of the lab space during the annual renewal process.