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Line Pouchard

Senior Researcher


Line Pouchard leads efforts to create new approaches for data management, curation, and discovery at the extreme scale, focused on provenance and semantic technologies. Her interests include improving discovery and analysis tools for experimental data, workflow performance, and the reproducibility of scientific and computational experiments. 

Computational Sciences Research Activities

  • Provenance for performance analysis and workflow execution at extreme scales
  • Data curation and discovery at the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II), including experimental data provenance
  • Computational reproducibility
  • Text mining from the scientific literature


  • Ph.D., Comparative Literature, The Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • M.S., Information Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Professional Appointments

  • 2017-present, Senior Researcher, Center for Data-Driven Discovery, Computational Science Initiative, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • 2014-2016, Assistant Professor and Computational Science Information Specialist, Research Data Group, Purdue University Libraries
  • 2013-2014, Joint Faculty Appointment, School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 2001-2014, Staff Scientist/Research Associate, Computer Science and Mathematics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • 1999-2001, Post-doctoral Appointment, Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

Pouchard L, Y Lin, and H Van Dam (2020). Replicating Machine Learning Experiments in Materials Sciences. In: Advances in Parallel Computing, Parallel Computing: Technology Trends, vol. 36., eds. I Foster, GR Joubert, L Kucera, WE Nagel, and F Peters, pp. 743-755. DOI: 10.3233/APC200105.

Pouchard L, P Juhas, G Park, H Van Dam, SI Campbell, E Stavitski, S Billinge, and CJ Wright (2020). Provenance Infrastructure for Multi-modal X-ray Experiments and Reproducible Analysis. Chapter 15: Handbook on Big Data and Machine Learning in the Physical Sciences, Vol 2: Advanced Analysis Solutions for Leading Experimental Techniques, eds. K Kleese van Dam, KG Yager, SI Campbell, R Farnsworth, and M van Dam, pp. 307-331. World Scientific Publishing. DOI: 10.1142/9789811204579_0015.

Peterka T, D Bard, JC Bennett, EW Bethel, RA Oldfield, L Pouchard, C Sweeney, and M Wolf (2020). Priority research directions for in situ data management: Enabling scientific discovery from diverse data sources. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications. Online first, March 27, 2020. DOI: 10.1177/1094342020913628.

Pouchard L, S Baldwin, T Elsethagen, S Jha, B Raju, E Stephan, L Tang, and K Kleese van Dam (2019). Computational reproducibility for scientific workflows at extreme scales. The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 33(5):763-776. DOI: 10.1177/1094342019839124.

Pouchard L, S Campbell, P Juhas, and K Kleese van Dam (2019). Experimental data curation at large instrument facilities with open source software. Presented at International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC 19). February 4-6, 2019, Melbourne, Australia. Available online.

Pouchard L, K Huck, G Matyasfalvi, D Tao, L Tang, H van Dam, and S Yoo (2018). Prescriptive provenance for streaming analysis of workflows at scale. In Proceedings of the IEEE 2018 New York Scientific Data Summit (NYSDS), pp. 1-6. August 6-8, 2018, Upton, NY. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ. DOI: 10.1109/NYSDS.2018.8538951.

Nelson MS and L Pouchard (2017). A pilot “big data” education modular curriculum for engineering graduate education: Development and implementation. In 2017 IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), pp. 1-5. October 18-21, 2017, Indianapolis, IN. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ. DOI: 10.1109/FIE.2017.8190688.

Pouchard L, A Malik, H Van Dam, C Xie, W Xu, and K Kleese van Dam (2017). Capturing provenance as a diagnostic tool for workflow performance evaluation and optimization. In Proceedings of the New York Scientific Data Summit (NYSDS). August 6-9, 2017, New York, NY. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ. DOI: 10.1109/NYSDS.2017.8085043.

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Gopavarapu P, LC Pouchard, and S Pujol (2016). Increasing Datasets Discoverability in an Engineering Data Platform using Keyword Extraction. In Proceedings of the 16th ACM/IEEE-CS on Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL '16), pp. 225-226. June 19-23, 2016, Newark, NJ. ACM, New York, NY. DOI: 10.1145/2910896.2925443.

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