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Proposal Types

Work at CFN is scheduled during three four-month cycles. Access to instruments is requested each cycle through the CFN Proposal Portal (CPP). The user submits a proposal via the CPP describing the scientific research being addressed, the experiments to be performed, and members of the experimental team.

  • Proposals have different life cycles depending on the type submitted. For proposals that have a duration of more than one cycle, a time request must be submitted for each additional cycle for which access is needed.
  • Proposals must have a valid Safety Approval Form—also submitted through CPP—once the proposal is allocated.
  • All proposal types require a response to six screening questions necessary for compliance with export control requirements.

General User Proposal (GUP)

Applicable for use of CFN facilities for non-proprietary research, after the submission of a proposal and its positive evaluation by an external Proposal Review Panel (PRP).

Rapid Access Proposal (RAP)

Applicable to users who feel that the timeliness of their research may be negatively affected by the length of the General User proposal review process can request Rapid Access to CFN’s resources. Proposals submitted for Rapid Access are reviewed and approved by an external reviewer, with technical assistance, if necessary, from the points-of-contact of the relevant facilities. In addition to being deemed feasible for completion at the CFN and being considered of high scientific merit, proposals being considered for Rapid Access must include a detailed, explicit justification of why immediate access to the CFN is necessary. No more than six resources can be requested on a single Rapid Access proposal. Successful Rapid Access proposals are valid until a date no later than the conclusion of the next CFN cycle (April 31, August 31, December 31). Rapid Access proposals are not renewable. After a successfully completed Rapid Access project, users must submit a General User proposal to secure continued access to the CFN.

Partner User Proposal (PUP)

Applicable to general users who also enhance facility capabilities or contribute to CFN operations. They typically help develop instrumentation in some manner, either by bringing external financial or intellectual capital into the development of the facility. These contributions must be made available to General Users and, therefore, benefit the overall user program and the facility. In recognition of their investment, Partner Users are provided negotiated access to one or more capabilities over a period of several years.