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CFN Operations Plan

Note: The only official copy of this file is the one online.

Brookhaven National Laboratory, Center for Functional Nanomaterials Date: 4/7/2014 Approved by:
Lorraine Davis, Operations Manager
Subject: CFN Operations Rev. 3

Organizational Responsibilities

CFN Director Emilio Mendez
Operations Manager Robert Sabatini
Research Space Manager Lorraine Davis
Building Contact Robert Sabatini, Lorraine Davis (alt.)
User Program and Outreach Grace Webster
Safety Coordinator Robert Sabatini, Lorraine Davis (alt.)
Experimental Safety Committee Robert Sabatini (ERC), Lorraine Davis, Aaron Stein, Joy Haskins (ECR), Frank Zafonte (FS Rep.), Sean Hannifin (Safety & Health) and SME's as needed.
Tier 1 Safety Committee Robert Sabatini, Lorraine Davis, Sean Hannifin (Safety & Health), Joy Haskins (ECR), Frank Zafonte (FS Rep.) and SME's as needed.
Training Coordinator Lois Caligiuri, Grace Webster (User's Program)
EMS/OSH Point of Contact Robert Sabatini
Work Control Manager and Coordinators Robert Sabatini (WCM),  Lorraine Davis (WCC)
Computer/Cyber Security POC Robert Sabatini
Quality Rep Chuck Gortakowski
ALARA Coordinator Frank Zafonte
FS Representative Frank Zafonte
90-Day Area Manager (480) James Buddenhagen, Alternate: Lorraine Davis, Robert Sabatini
Radiation Generating Device Custodian Lorraine Davis
Property Manager Angela Wefer
Records Manager Pamela Ciufo
Local Emergency Coordinator  (LEC) Robert Sabatini, alternate LECs: Lorraine Davis, James Buddenhagen, Chris Ruggiero
EMS/OSH Management Representative Michael Cowell
Business Manager Ken Koebel
Environmental Compliance Representative Joy Haskins
Safety & Health Representative Sean Hannifin