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Materials scientist Gregory Doerk of the CFN Electronic Nanomaterials Group was one of three Brookhaven Lab scientists to receive funding through the DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program, announced in May 2021. Doerk will develop a new, transformative manufacturing strategy to produce high-performance separation membranes for water purification. More details about the project are included in the corresponding news story.

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  • 25-Year Service Award: Pamela Ciufo, CFN Administration
  • 10-Year Service Award: Joann Tesoriero, CFN Administration 

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New Hires

  • Daniel Groom, Research Associate, Electron Microscopy and Theory and Computation
  • Ariana Manglaviti, Sr. Public Affairs Representative, Strategic Partnerships
  • Fanchen Meng, Research Associate, Theory and Computation


  • Calley Eads, Research Associate, Interface Science and Catalysis
  • Ashish Kulkarni, Research Associate, Electronic Nanomaterials
  • Shih-Ting (Christine) Wang, Research Associate, Soft and Bio Nanomaterials

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