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I. Beamline Hardware

Cables and Cable Tray

NSRL has a selection of cables available for use by experimenters.

For analog logic signals such as TTL or NIM, there are BNC and LEMO terminated coaxial cables (50Ω).

The BNC cables are standard RG-58 jackets whereas LEMO connector cables are thinner teflon jacketed cables.

SHV connecting coaxial cables are available for experimenters who need to bring high voltage to equipment. Contact NSRL personnel for more information.

A cable tray has been installed in the tunnel into the target room to hold cables that need direct connection to the user test area.

The cable length necessary to go from floor, through the tray, and back down to the floor would be 103 ft. (31.4 m).

It may be possible to use only 100 ft depending on where the equipment is connected. Cables between 85 to 100 ft. may need to be ran on the ground.