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III. Technical Data

Material in the Beam

The NSRL beam enters the target room inside a large diameter (12 inch) vacuum pipe, ending in a 15 mil thick Aluminum window. The beam then passes through a wire chamber called the 302 SWIC used to measure the beam profile in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Following the 302 chamber the beam encounters the ion chambers QC1 and QC3 used to measure the dose delivered by the beam. Target samples are usually placed on the target table immediately downstream of the QC3, approximately 5 meters from the vacuum window.

The total amount of material in the beam upstream of the target table is approximately 1 gram per cm2 of which the air makes up 50% of the total.

Photo of NSRL User

Complete details on the thickness of each of the elements in the beam line can be downloaded and viewed by clicking the button below.

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