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IV. Life in the Beam

A Cell Phone's Life in the Beam

A user's experience is documented by showing entry to the NSRL Target Room, Retina Scan, RF ID Key removal, Opening the Target Room Doors, walking through the labyrinth, and placement of the Cell Phone on the beam line behind Tungsten collimators. After all personnel leave the Target Room, the room goes dark, and the announcement can be heard warning that "Beam is imminent."

After a safe waiting period, one spill of the beam is delivered (at around 2:43 in the video) which shows up as a 300 millisecond long burst of white spots as the ions strike the cell phone camera. Then the lights come back up and the cell phone is removed from the Target Room and the beam line is secured again. The video can be viewed below.

Video of cell phone being struck by NSRL ions.

Life in the beam

Cell phone camera image when struck by NSRL ions.