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II. Operations

Calculating Target Room Access Time

If NSRL is running in "dedicated" mode (usually September through December), i.e. without RHIC operating simultaneously, access is simpler and quicker. If a sample exchange involves simply lifting out an earlier sample and placing a new sample, then times between exposures can be less than about 2 minutes. This includes pressing the access button, scanning your iris,taking an interlock key, walking into the target room and switching samples, walking out of the target room, returning the key, performing another iris scan, pulling the access button, and then waiting for the "Beam Immanent" alarm period to end and the interlocks to switch off.  In calculating beam time needs, users should expect 2 minutes plus whatever is the planned exposure time at the exposure rate anticipated. Contact the NSRL Liaison Physicist to verify that the dose rates used in an exposure calculation can be realistically achieved.

If NSRL is running in "parasitic" mode (usually January through June), i.e. simultaneous to RHIC operations, then sample switching takes longer. Typical sample changing times are around 5 minutes plus exposure times. This must be included in calculation of beam exposure times.

Contact the NSRL Liaison Physicist if you have any questions concerning these issues.