General Lab Information

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Cedomir Petrovic Elected as 2015 American Physical Society Fellows  2/1/16

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Imaging Electron Pairing in a Simple Magnetic Superconductor  7/14/13

Brookhaven Lab Physicist Genda Gu Named American Physical Society Fellow  3/2/12

Brookhaven Lab Physicist Guangyong Xu Receives 2012 Science Prize from the Neutron Scattering Society of America  2/17/12

Scientists Detect Unusual ‘Quasiparticles’ in Tri-Layer Graphene  9/25/11

Eight BNL Researchers Honored as New York State Leaders In Superconductivity  8/22/11

Brookhaven Lab's Cedomir Petrovic Receives the Marko Jaric Award for Outstanding Achievements in Physics  3/24/10

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