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Fernando Camino

Staff Sciencist | Nanofabrication


  • Electrical Characterization
  • Electronic Noise Measurements
  • Hall Effect Measurements
  • In-Situ Electrical Characterization in an SEM
  • Electron Beam Induced Current Imaging
  • UV, E-beam and Ion-beam Lithography
  • Electronic Device Fabrication
  • EDS and WDS analysis in SEM

CFN Research Activities

My research activities are focused on the fabrication and electrical characterization of nanostructured devices. Currently, I am fabricating metal hole arrays (MHAs) with sub-wavelength hole sizes that show the enhanced optical transmission effect, and I am incorporating them as semi-transparent electrodes in organic solar cells based on a P3HT-PCBM blend. When the enhanced transmission peaks of the MHA are matched to the blend absorption range, we observe an increased light absorption in this region. Preliminary measurements show a significant increase in the short circuit current under illumination for the MHA-based solar cell with respect to a similar control device, which has the MHA-electrode replaced by a conventional indium-tin oxide contact. 


  • B.S.: National Engineering University, Lima, Peru
    • Major: Physics
  • PhD: Stony Brook University (Physics)
    • Graduate Program in Physics and Astronomy
    • Dissertation Title: Investigations of Electronic Noise in Selected Mesoscopic Devices

Professional Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Research: Stony Brook University (Physics)
    • Department of Physics and Astronomy
    • Project: Fabrication and study of quantum interferometers in the integer and fractional quantum Hall regimes

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

A. Santulli, M. Feygenson, F. E. Camino, M. Aronson, and S. Wong, Synthesis and Characterization of One-dimensional Cr2O3 Nanostructures, Chem. Mater. 23, 1000, 2011.

E. Sutter, P. Albrecht, F. E. Camino, and P. Sutter, Monolayer graphene as ultimate chemical passivation layer for arbitrary shaped metal surfaces, Carbon 48, 4414, 2010.

Eli Sutter, Fernando Camino, and Peter Sutter, One-step synthesis of Ge–SiO2 core-shell nanowires, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 083109, 2009.

F. E. Camino, Wei Zhou, and V. J. Goldman, e/3 Laughlin Quasiparticle Primary-Filling n =1/3 Interferometer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 076805, 2007.

F. E. Camino, Wei Zhou, and V. J. Goldman, Aharonov-Bohm Superperiod in a Laughlin Quasiparticle Interferometer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 246802, 2005.