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Gayani Perera

Postdoctoral Research Associate | Proximal Probes


  • STM imaging and spectroscopic techniques
  • Atom and molecular manipulation

CFN Research Activities

Investigation of  catalytic reactions at high pressures (up to 5 bar) and  elevated temperatures ( 500 K) using reactor STM system


  • B.S., Physics  University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
    • Major: Physics; Minor: Mathematics
  • Ph.D., Physics  Ohio University, Athens OH USA
    • Dissertation Title: STM Investigations of Charge-Transfer and Spintronic Molecular Systems.

Selected Publications & Research Highlights

U.G.E. Perera, F. Ample, H. Kersell, Y. Zhang, G.Vives, J Echeverria, M. Grisolia, G. Rapenne, C. Joachim, S.-W. Hla , “Controlled clockwise and anticlockwise rotational switching of a molecular motor”,  Nature Nanotechnology 8, 46-51, 2013.

Highlighted in the “News & Views” section of Nature Nanotechnology:  K.-H. Ernst, “ Molecular Motors: A turn in the Right Direction”, Nature Nanotechnology 8, 7-8, 2013.

U.G.E. Perera, H. Kulik, V Iancu, L. Dias da Silva, S.E. Ulloa, N. Marzari, S.-W. Hla , “Charge transfer and spatially extended Kondo resonance in magnetic molecules” ,   Phys. Rev. Lett.  105, 106601, 2010.•F. Jäckel, U.G.E. Perera, V. Iancu, K.-F. Braun, N. Koch, J.P. Rabe, S.-W. Hla., “Investigating molecular charge transfer complexes with a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope”,  Phys. Rev. Lett.  100, 126102, 2008.

Selected for online publication in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology, Volume 17 Issue  14 2008